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You’re awake in the middle of the night.




Tossing and turning. Pacing. Mind racing. When was the last time you actually slept?
For so long now, you’ve been wanting for things to get better. For the pain to lessen. For the fear to ease. For the nightmares to stop. But not only are they not stopping, things are getting worse.
You’re feeling desperate for things to change, but can’t imagine what “better” would look like at this point. You’re hopelessly… Overwhelmed with anxiety. Crushed by the weight of depression. Wondering if you’ll ever escape the haunting memories that leave you jumping at every little sound and keep you just on the edge of a full-blown panic attack.


You’re trying to find a way for you and your partner to communicate and connect, before the relationship crumbles. You can’t remember the last conversation the two of you had that didn’t end in an argument. But what feels even worse is not taking at all.
You’re wanting to believe that your teen is just “going through a phase” and will grow out of their concerning behavior before things get worse. You‘ve noticed that everyone in the house is walking on eggshells and you miss the days that you laughed with your kid and actually had fun together.
You’re searching for a place where you can be yourself. Actually, you’re searching for a place where you can figure out who in the world you are. A place where you can feel safe in taking off the mask of “everything’s great” that’s been weighing you down.


You belong here.


At Harper Therapy, we guide you and your family on a path of Hope, Growth, and Healing. We help you get clear about the goals that matter most to you and the people you love the most, and, as importantly, we help you let go of some of the weight of the world that simply doesn’t matter. We help you create a way to those goals, and hold fierce hope that you can do it — especially when you have a hard time believing that for yourself.


You are not alone.


Life can be so tough. Being in relationships with our loved ones gets messy. We all go through hard things. We all need support. You and your family are not unique in your struggle. Living bravely isn’t about avoiding the hard things. It’s about proving to ourselves time and time again that we’re not defined by them.


Are you ready?


One of the most courageous things you’ll do is pick up the phone and call us. We are ready to chat with you about what’s going on for you and how we can help.

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Inspired by the Work of Brenè Brown

Rising Strong™ Workshops for Helping Professionals

True confession: I’m a perfectionist. I’m attempting to be a recovering perfectionist, but those tendencies are ingrained and will take some time to diminish. As a perfectionist, I don’t like the “fall”. A fall means things aren’t perfect, I made a mistake, or at the very least, things didn’t go the way I intended.

Couples Rising™ Workshops: Are you ready for a revolution?

Do you and your partner do "the dance"? Not the romantic waltz. Or the sexy tango. The awkward Electric Slide, where you bump into each other or step on each other's toes. Or the Running Man, where you just keep moving but don't go anywhere.

Be Bold Movement - Workshop for Teens

Our Be Bold Event is a courage building program for your teen daughter. Courage * Trustworthiness * Worth * Boundaries This is a place for your daughter to connect with others, build healthy relationships, and learn and practice skills, all while having fun!

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