teen therapy for anxiety, depression and more in Lutz, FL

Therapy for Teenage Anxiety, Depression and more

Your latest fight with your teen makes MMA look like a walk in the park. Another day, another round of yelling, eye rolling, and door slamming. You feel annoyed, frustrated, irritated, sad, and afraid…very, very afraid.

You think back to your teen’s carefree elementary school days — with big smiles, laughter, and watching your kid run up and down the soccer field. Now, your teen is sullen, snappy, and moody. They’ve always got their face in their phone, hoodie covering their head, headphones blocking you out. They hardly leave their room and their grades are sliding. They doesn’t even seem to have friends. You’re not sure, but you’re wondering if these could be symptoms of depression.

Help for Troubled Teens in Lutz, FL

You’ve done everything you know to do. You’ve tried talking to them, lecturing them, punishing them. You’ve asked for advice from friends and have asked a beloved coach or youth pastor to talk with your teen. But things seem to keep getting worse and you’re feeling hopeless and helpless. It’s gotten to the point where now your teen is complaining of headaches, stomach aches, and the dark circles under their eyes are proof that they’re definitely not sleeping. You’re worried because you’ve heard that these can be symptoms for anxiety in teenagers. Is that what’s going on??

We can help.

Teen Counseling near Tampa

At Harper Therapy, we specialize in supporting you and your teen. We have youth counselors who help troubled teens with their symptoms of anxiety and depression. We understand the challenges of being a teen in today’s world and have the superpower to see beyond the frustrating behavior into the complex and beautiful inner parts of your teen. By helping them have a healthier relationship with themselves, we support and encourage them to have healthy relationships with friends and with you, and engage in behavior that is respectful of themselves and others. We’ll help your teen build tools to handle life’s stressors and their intense emotions and communicate their needs in ways that you and others can hear them — instead of screaming or shutting down.

The time is now. Call Harper Therapy today at 813-434-3639 for a free 15-minute consultation and to schedule your first appointment with one of our teen specialists at our Lutz Office.

The Time is Now.

Teen Therapist in Lutz, FL

Harper Therapy provides counseling and therapy services for teens experiencing depression, anxiety and more at their offices in Lutz, FL near Tampa. Our teen therapists also serve Land O’ Lakes, Wesley Chapel and the entire Tampa Bay area—including Clearwater and St. Petersburg.

Meet Our Teen Experts

Chris Long, LCSW

As a school social worker, I see the challenges our teens face every day in the academic setting, but these stressors branch out beyond school. As a parent, you want the best for your teen and someone who is skilled and specialized in helping them. At Harper Therapy, I support my teen clients and their families through the struggles they face at school, home, with friends and in sports. All you need to do to get started is to schedule your first appointment. You can call us here or complete the form below.


Alina Kein, Intern

Being a teen girl is harder today than it’s ever been.  I’ve seen this in the non-profit that I helped run that served at-risk teens and I see it in the teens who come into Harper Therapy.  The pressure of intense emotions, peer drama, academic stress, and conflict at home build until they reach an almost explosive point.  I am passionate about helping your teen daughter find her calm and her place in her world, recognizing her value and the importance of meaningful connection. Complete the form below to get started!

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