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Daring Way™ & Rising Strong™: The work of Brenè Brown

You’ve always been the person who takes care of others – you’re loving, kind, and generous.  All beautiful and noble qualities.  But over time, this generosity shifted out of balance.  Eventually, it became a responsibilility – a duty to be carried out at all cost.  Then, work, marriage, and kids came along and now you find yourself no longer able to carry the burden of making everyone’s happiness.  The weight of the perfectionism, performing, and hustling to people please is simply no longer sustainable.  The way that you’ve always done things is suffocating you and has to change.  The problem now is that you’ve lost yourself along the way in this journey and have no idea what freedom is.

Licensed Practitioners for Daring Way™ Sessions in Lutz, FL

At Harper Therapy, our Daring Way™ therapists are experts in helping you reconnect with the values that guide the way to discovering who you truly are underneath all of the rusty armor you’ve been carrying around to protect yourself.  We’ll help you unearth your amazingly imperfect authentic true self so that you can connect more deeply to who you are and, through that connection, love the people around you even better.

You’ll find a refreshing way of interacting with the world through Wholehearted Living (living and loving from a place of true love and belonging) and shame resiliency (the practice of getting up after hard falls).

Find Resilience & Eliminate Vulnerability

The best part about this work is that it wraps words around concepts like shame, resiliency, trust, grief, boundaries, and authenticity and gives us a way to talk about them. This work is not for the faint of heart — we are Trail Blazers in living very counter culturally — daring to be authentically vulnerable, with courage, compassion, connection, integrity, and healthy boundaries instead of perfecting, performing, and people pleasing.

Sound intriguing? Give Harper Therapy a call at 813-434-3639 to schedule a free consultation to find out more. This work is transformative for individual and couples sessions, as well as workshop intensives. It’s a brave first step, but once you’ve had a taste of taking your heavy armor off and experiencing the freedom of Wholehearted Living, there’s no going back!

experience the freedom of Wholehearted Living, there’s no going back!

Daring Way™ & Rising Strong™ Sessions in Lutz, FL

Harper Therapy provides Daring Way™ and Rising Strong™ sessions for individuals and couples at their office in Lutz, FL near Tampa. Our licensed practitioners also serve Land O’ Lakes, Wesley Chapel and the entire Tampa Bay area—including Clearwater and St. Petersburg.

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