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At Harper Therapy, we help you reconnect to your core values, and cultivate courage to embrace your authentic, imperfect self. We help you honor your own needs as much as you honor everyone else’s. We create a safe space and time for you to know yourself more completely: body, mind, spirit, soul, emotions, passions, desires, needs, YOUR TRUTH.

Our therapists are highly skilled in trauma therapy and resolution, helping couples work through conflict to connection via couples therapy, and moving you from feeling anxiety and depression to living a fulfilling and engaged life.

Our Team of Therapists

Serving Lutz & Greater Tampa

  • Yolanda Harper LCSW, Co-Founder, Co-Executive Director

    My name is Yolanda and emotions are my superpower. I’m a therapist by trade — a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in trauma and post-traumatic growth — but my most meaningful work is to bear witness to people’s stories of struggle, strife, grit, and growth. 

  • Shamon Harper MDiv, Co-Founder, Co-Executive Director

    I’m Shamon and my superpower is support. I am the co-executive director of Harper Therapy and together with Yolanda, we make sure that Harper Therapy excels in helping families and relationships heal through bravery and courage with the support of our clinicians and tools.

  • Chris Long LCSW

    I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Approved Supervisor. I’m a Master Accelerated Resolution Therapist and use ART to assist with research, trainings, and Combat Veteran Healing Retreats.
    Outside of the office, I’m a husband, dad, and coach.
    Call today to schedule your appointment to get things back on track.

  • Alina Klein Intern

    My name is Alina Klein and I am here to help you find and maintain your sense of self in the midst of the “hustle”. As an intern at Harper Therapy, I am here to help you re-evaluate your priorities and to walk with you and cheer you on as you ask yourself the hard questions: Am I spending my time the way I want to? Do I make commitments out of a sense of responsibility and obligation rather than true desire? Do I truly feel fulfilled or do I keep putting my personal goals off, leaving them for “someday”?

  • Jodie French Client Care Coordinator

    My name is Jodie and organization is my superpower.  I joined Harper Therapy in 2017.  I have the heart for people and the passion to serve.  I specialize in assisting our clinicians with the day-to-day operations.  I serve as the first point of contact for those calling Harper Therapy.

  • Hobbes Therapy Dog

    Hobbes, a Goldendoodle, joined the Harper Therapy team in July7 2017 at 10 weeks old.  He has training in Basic Manners and Canine Good Citizen and continues training for Pet Therapy Certification. Hobbes is exceptionally skilled at snuggling and curling up on the couch with clients.

  • Toby Therapy Dog

    Toby, a Goldendoodle, joined the Harper Therapy team in August 2015 at 8 weeks old. He has extensive training in Canine Good Citizen, Advanced Canine Good Citizen, and Therapy Dog Certification. He is exceptionally skilled at greeting clients at the door, giving kisses, cuddling, and chasing his tail.

Therapists in Lutz, FL

Harper Therapy provides a variety of counseling and therapy services at their offices in Lutz, FL near Tampa. Our therapists also serve Land O’ Lakes, Wesley Chapel and the entire Tampa Bay area—including Clearwater and St. Petersburg.

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