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Learn the steps of the Rising Strong™ process to help facilitate conversation in your therapy sessions, as well as to practice in your own life. Are you ready to join me?


Rising Strong™ for Helping Professionals

True confession: I’m a perfectionist. I’m attempting to be a recovering perfectionist, but those tendencies are ingrained and will take some time to diminish. As a perfectionist, I don’t like the “fall”. A fall means things aren’t perfect, I made a mistake, or at the very least, things didn’t go the way I intended.

In the past, I’ve handled falls by not handling them. I would pretend they didn’t happen (hello, denial!), blame others (especially my husband – he’s such a saint!), or figure that a fall meant that I shouldn’t be doing what I had tried (business-wise, this meant that I kept doing what I was doing, even though it wasn’t working well for me).

And then, I learned the Rising Strong™ process, and it makes so much sense to me! Rising Strong™ is about cultivating a resilient spirit (resiliency is a learned skill, by the way!), about grit and courage. I don’t know about you, but this is the growth I want to help my clients with! I’m better able to facilitate this growth in the therapy hour when I practice these skills for myself and get them “into my bones”.

Rising Strong™ has helped me see when my emotions write a story that is not accurate, which leads me to behavior that is not in alignment with my core values (such as blaming or playing small). I’m more clear about what boundaries I need to hold in order to interact with others from a more generous space, while still holding to my integrity. And now, when I try something in my business that doesn’t go the way I had intended, I learn from it and create an even better offering, instead of scrapping the whole idea. Because I know I’m the one who is writing the ending to my story, I show up in my life a braver person!

What are your falls? How has life taken the pen from your hand and tried to boss you about who you are and what your identity and ending are? Are you ready to rise strong in your own life and clinical practice?

Although this workshop is not a certification in Brené Brown’s work, you will learn the steps of the Rising Strong™ process to help facilitate conversation in your therapy sessions, as well as to practice in your own life. Are you ready to join me in building more grit, resiliency, and perseverance in your life?

This time will empower you to experience

  • The importance of Emotional Intelligence (research continues to confirm that individuals with higher EQ do better in life that people with high IQ)
  • Learn the neurobiology of emotions and story.
  • Explore the Rising Strong™ process of reckoning with emotion, rumbling with our stories, and rising with a brave new ending – in both your personal and professional arenas.
  • How to unleash your inner curiosity about what you’re experiencing, rather than get sucked into the experience.
  • Explore the relationship between grief and forgiveness
  • What research has to say about boundaries and the steps toward trusting self and others.
  • How to navigate uncertainty in your personal and professional life in order to nurture and grow your practice.
  • The path by which our struggle can lead to our greatest moments of courage.
  • A professional community where you are seen and supported.

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