Neurofeedback Therapy

The future of mental health treatment!


Neurofeedback Therapy

Neurofeedback is the future of mental health treatment! Neurofeedback utilized EEG technology to identify atypical brain wave patterns. These patterns lead to symptoms of anxiety, depression, attention problems, physical pain, and memory loss, to name a few. Once we identify maladaptive brain functioning, we "train the brain", much like playing a video game that is a "workout" for your brain. This training rewards the brain for operating within more typical brain wave patterns. As these new patterns are rewarded, they become the new way of functioning, with long-term/permanent change with reduction or elimination of symptoms.

Neurofeedback is helpful for people who experience anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, traumatic stress, stroke recovery, and chronic pain, and addiction, among others.

What does neurofeedback look like?

  1. We have a brief conversation about your situation and how the use of Neurofeedback might be beneficial to you.
  2. We perform a QEEG assessment, also known as a "Brain Map". This will allow us to see the exact extent and locations of your brainwave anomalies, if any. I use LORETA (Low Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography Analysis) as a standard part of my QEEG analysis. You will receive your brainwave maps and a comprehensive report describing the findings.
  3. A series of training sessions (usually 20) helps to teach your brain how to preform in more effective and efficient ways.
  4. QEEG Assessment/Brainmap: A second map will allow us to observe changes in the brain’s functioning.

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