Daring Way for Professionals Workshops

Learn the steps of the Rising Strong™ process to help facilitate conversation in your therapy sessions, as well as to practice in your own life. Are you ready to join me?


Daring Way for Professionals

Trying to be all things to all people, attempting to circumvent uncertainty, people-pleasing, perfectionism, and listening to the voice of “not-enoughness” kept me playing small and stopped any possibility of up-leveling my practice, and showing up as my authentic self to do the work that I’m meant to do.

Since attending the National Training, I’ve set healthier boundaries with myself and others. I’ve cultivated practices to address the voices of uncertainty and scarcity. I’ve taken risks in my practice. Sometimes they pay off exceedingly, sometimes not as much as I’d like, but my practice is growing and expanding, and I’m doing more of what I love.

What about you? What do your gremlins say to you when you’re considering taking a step towards authenticity, wholeheartedness, and standing in your power?

How are uncertainty, perfectionism, people-pleasing, hustling for worthiness, and trying to armor up against vulnerability keeping you from showing up, being seen, and living brave in your personal life and in your practice?

I’d love for you to join me as I continue this Wholehearted Journey.

Please note that this workshop does not certify you as a Daring Way™ Facilitator (as of now, there are no further plans by The Daring Way™ for further National Trainings), but it will familiarize you with the work to address concepts in session and to begin a Wholehearted Journey for yourself.

In this workshop, you’ll learn

  • How your Core Values influence your professional self.
  • How to build a professional network of support for your practice.
  • What the research says about empathy, self-compassion, and how to model these for your clients.
  • What your professional “arena” looks like, and who occupies the Cheap Seats, the Box Seats, the Critics Section, as well as what the Support Section looks like.
  • Understand your professional Ideal and Unwanted Identities and what your triggers are.
  • How to carve out time for some serious self-care so you can return to work filled and energized!

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