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You and your partner have been trying for a long, long time to figure out your relationship. You’re not quite sure where things went wrong, but you know you can’t continue this way any longer. The tension has increased and the arguments have intensified. Or, worse yet, you don’t even talk to each other any more. You’re more like roommates or siblings than romantic partners. You don’t remember the last time you had sex. You’re even sleeping in separate rooms. You never thought you’d be Googling “How can I save my marriage?”, yet here you are.

I’m so glad that you’re finally looking for help. Statistics indicate that many couples try to work through their relationship problems on their own for seven years before getting the support they need through marriage therapy. Or, they look to friends and family for relationship advice and find that it does not quite meet the need when you’re beginning to wonder if divorce papers are in your future. You’re not alone.

I liken relationships to a dance. At the beginning of the relationship, you and your partner are dancing the Romantic Waltz or the Sexy Tango. The dance moves are fluid, it takes very little effort, you have stars in your eyes, and it feels so right. Over time, life happens. Jobs. Bills. Kids. Communication in your marriage feels like a lot more work than it used to be, and you stop talking to each other. Maybe one of you starts talking to someone else. One day, you look up and realize that your Romantic Waltz and Sexy Tango have turned into the Funky Chicken and a really bad version of the Texas Two Step where you’re continually stepping on each other’s toes. And feelings.

Harper Therapy offers couples counseling to help you and your partner get back into a new groove and truly communicate and connect with one another more deeply. Yolanda is trained in the Gottman method of couples counseling, which is based on decades worth of research on what makes relationships successful. During your couples therapy sessions, you will work on healing past hurt so that you can truly see your partner and be truly seen in return. Your relationship is not doomed... you can rediscover the happiness and security that your relationship once offered.

Call Harper Therapy today at 813-434-3639 for a free consultation so that we can guide you in your first steps towards healing your relationship.

A Special Note if Your Partner is Not Interested in Couples Therapy:
Please give Harper Therapy a call at 813-434-3639 to talk through your situation. In many marriages, one partner recognizes that counseling would be beneficial while the other refuses to go. This does not mean that you and your relationship would not benefit from therapy. Although we cannot do couples therapy with just one partner, many people find that working on finding healing, well-being, balance, and happiness for themselves causes a shift in the relationship. Let’s chat about what this might look like for you!


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