Chronic Pain


Living with chronic pain and other health conditions is a daily challenge, to say the least. If you live with chronic pain, you know it's more realistically often an hour by hour and minute by minute challenge.

If you were recently diagnosed with a chronic pain condition by your medical provider, you might simultaneously find yourself thankful for a name that helps your symptoms make sense, while also grieving what your life was before the diagnosis (and symptoms) came to be. If you are further along in your medical journey, you might find that the onset of new symptoms, or the worsening of existing symptoms, trigger this same grieving process. You're frustrated that the many, many medications you've tried aren't working and are tired of the side effects. In addition, you find yourself facing sleepless nights, sleepy days, and periods of anxiety and depression as your body and nervous system are continually taxed by pain and sensitivity to stimulus.

On top of this, you might be experiencing a significant shift in your relationships as the people around you struggle to grasp what's going on because "you don't look sick". You find yourself more grumpy, irritable, or worse, isolating yourself from your people. It's not that you don't care, but a part of you feels betrayed and hurt that you can't get them to understand, and you're too exhausted to keep trying.

And then there's work. Or the lack of it. Or, at least, your inability to continue to do all the things that you once did. In a society that emphasizes productivity as a measure of value and worth, this is a hard pill to swallow.

At Harper Therapy, our chronic pain counseling addresses these complex components. We give you tools to help with your physical symptoms, but also offer a holistic way to help you understand how your medical condition affects your mind, emotions, and relationships. You will learn to honor yourself and your individual need for a balance of activity and rest. If your medical provider recommended chronic pain counseling, it is not because you're "crazy", it's because they recognize the importance of addressing mind, body, emotions, spirit, and relationships. Realistically, chronic pain counseling is not going to magically take away your medical condition. What it will do, however, is allow you to have a different relationship with your medical condition, with your body, with yourself and your loved ones -- a relationship that helps you to remember that there are always, always ways for you to take care of yourself.

Yolanda is uniquely qualified to help with chronic pain counseling and has helped individuals and groups to discover their "new normal".

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