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Anxiety is that super-uncomfortable feeling that you’re about to come out of your skin. Or, maybe for you, it feels that your heart is about to pound out of your chest. Or there’s an elephant camped out there. Perhaps it’s the racing thoughts that won’t slow down, especially when you’re trying to fall asleep at night and your brain ever-so-thoughtfully reminds you of all the stuff you haven’t gotten done, or the things you messed up on. It’s the feeling of overwhelm that won’t allow you to sit down, even though you’re completely exhausted.

Whatever your experience of anxiety might be, you’re not alone. It’s almost a chronic state of being in our fast-paced world, and many people either don’t want to take medication, or don’t like the side-effects of medication, or would prefer not to take medication long-term. Our anxiety treatment takes a holistic approach that addresses your mind, emotions, body, spirit, and relationships.

Through therapy for anxiety, Harper Therapy can help you find your way back to calm and peace. We’ll discuss ways of balancing your brain, emotions, and body. We’ll help you protect the good things in life and build on those. You are not defined by your anxiety.

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